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Private Wealth Management

Financial planning for individuals, couples, and families.

Our promise is to understand the goals and dreams of the relationships we serve. By understanding what is most important to each person, we become uniquely capable of servant-leading them to financial prosperity.

Our Process

Financial planning is not an event, it is a process. It is not about financial advice, it’s about leadership. It requires a consistent and thoughtful mind to recognize that in our complex, ever-changing world, expert, trusted leadership is required.

The most important step is deciding to take action through the acquired leadership of a trusted professional investment advisor. Many financial challenges and opportunities occur in each of our lives. The manner in which we address these moments determine the quality of our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Areas of Wealth Management

Brooks Financial Group partners with you to create a customized financial strategy that will help to grow and protect your personal wealth. While each plan is customized to meet the needs of the client relationship, the primary areas of focus include:

Cash management: More than just keeping a balanced checkbook, cash management includes preparing (and following) a budget, using credit wisely and sound income tax management.

Risk management: There is risk of loss of both life and property. Life insurance can be used to protect a family against the risk of a premature death. Disability insurance can protect against the loss of a person’s ability to earn a living. Property and casualty insurance can protect our worldly goods against accident and such perils as fire, flood, earthquake and theft.

Asset management: Developing an overall saving and diversified investment portfolio that is in harmony with your individual risk tolerances and wealth management plan. (Home purchases, education, real estate, and emergency reserves are some typical examples of accumulation related goals.)

Financial independence: It is important to take steps now to ensure that the economic freedom we seek becomes a reality.

Estate planning: Planning for the ultimate transfer of our assets to our heirs, charitable interests, or others, in an effective, tax-efficient manner.

Retirement Planning

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