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Building For God Community Foundation

Supporting the good works of charitable organizations in our community.


Established in 2007, Building for God Community Foundation raises funds in order to provide support, hope, care, and love to those in our community who need it the most. To date, more than 40 organizations have received funding to do what they do for others.

Though our affiliation with Building for God Community Foundation, we have been called to lead, mentor, and assist a number of wonderful, growing non-profits through the Foundation's Champion in Life Program. It is our goal as servant leaders to help guide those who manager these great organizations so that they, in turn, can better assist the members in our local community entrusted to their care. We encourage you to learn more about some of the organizations listed below and see the great things they are doing in our community.

The mission of the Foundation is to affect a positive and determined impact in our local community in the areas of sheltering the homeless, feeding and caring for families, fostering the educational needs of our youth, and supporting those who protect our community.

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