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Business Consulting

Professional & Personal Leadership to Guide Key Stages of Your Business

The mission of Strategic Business Solutions is to create an environment which promotes discovery, focuses on key business fundamentals, and develops professional and personal leadership. When enacted, these key drivers fuel the accelerated achievement of the dreams and objectives of the CEO/Owner for themselves and their enterprise(s).

Our Process

We lead in the development of winning teams and empowered stakeholder environments by first understanding the Matters of Importance of each relationship we serve, building a customized financial management plan based on a values-based framework. From there we act in a servant leadership and advisory role, do that which is required to reach our mutually agreed upon objectives.

Our engagements are generally for extended periods of time (i.e. 12-24 months) to ensure the long-term sustainability of success.

How We Serve

Our core role involves understanding the CEO/Owner’s Matters of Importance, developing a plan for growing shareholder value and structuring a succession/continuity plan. As a private independent resource serving the leadership and development needs of the CEO/Owner, we provide a proven and experienced resource for the investigation, deliberation, incubation and execution of the vision planning; the deployment and measurement of the related plan tactics deemed necessary to drive successful desired outcomes; and customized financial models engineered to plan outcomes.

Core Services

We lead in the development of winning teams and empowered stakeholder environments.

Some of Strategic Business Solutions' areas of expertise include:

  • Business Continuity / Succession Planning
  • Compensation Strategies
  • Finance
  • Organization Development
  • Tax Accounting & Management
  • Business Management
  • Operations

In addition to our scope of services, and depending on the needs of the relationship, Strategic Business Solutions performs Strategic Assessments, Value Assessments, Executive Interviews, and upon completion of our Valuation Assessment, Executive Interviews and Strategic Assessment, findings are presented along with a collaborative discussion about shareholder value and potential strategic alternatives.

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