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Retirement Planning

Managing All Aspects of Your Qualified Retirement Plans

For many people, saving for retirement begins when they finish their education and begin earning a paycheck. While your money is accumulating, life unfolds. As it does, certain events, milestones, and choices can impact your retirement planning—making it a great time to meet with your financial advisor.

Career and Job Changes

Career and Job Changes

With any new career path or job, circumstances change and decisions need to be made concerning your new and existing retirement plans.

  • Should you roll-over an employer-sponsored retirement plan?
  • Will your salary or expenses be changing?
  • Does your new employer offer similar retirement investment vehicles?
  • How will you be affected by taxes?

The professionals at Brooks Financial Group can help you evaluate and navigate the retirement choices a new path can bring.

Family Status Changes

Few things can change your ability to save money like changes in your family structure. Whether you’re building your family with the addition of children, caring for aging parents, supporting adult children or becoming an empty-nester, changes to your family responsibilities often call for an evaluation of your retirement goals and estate planning needs.

Risk Analysis

As with any investment, retirement planning demands a periodic risk analysis. Factors such as age, time to retirement, how aggressive your goals are, and even personal aversion to risk, all come into play when determining how to invest your retirement dollars.

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