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Get to Know Jordan Taylor

We sat down with Brooks Financial Group Advisor, Jordan Taylor to find out more about him and his passion for financial planning. Get to know Jordan.

What do you like most about your job?

As financial planners, we have the ability to add so much value and really impact the lives of others. And, the impact that we make isn’t just today. The effects of good wealth management can be felt for years to come and even through generations – impacting individuals, families, communities, and businesses. The best thing that could happen to me is in 10, 20 or even 30 years is for one of my relationships to say: “I’m glad I met Jordan and Brooks Financial Group.”

How do you think people should select a financial planner?

Certainly, not all financial planners are created equal. A heightened focus is being placed on true holistic financial planning today, as it should be. You should not serve just one aspect of one’s financial plan; you should be capable and prepared to serve their entire set of planning needs. Seeking a financial planner that is credible and legitimate in the advice they provide is critical. So too is comfort and trust. If a financial planning relationship is done right, there’s nothing left unsaid, even the potentially uncomfortable conversations. That’s leadership. So, work with someone you are comfortable with, and someone you can trust.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is trying to determine how much risk they should introduce into their financial plan?

Investment risk is in large part a function of time. Ask yourself: when will I need this money? You can generally take on more risk when you have a longer amount of time to invest. Other, more catastrophic risks exist as well, such as death or disability. These can and should be protected with insurance and proper legal planning.

What are some of the obstacles you see people facing when saving for retirement and how do you help them find a way forward?

Young families sometimes face challenges fitting retirement savings into their budget. Often, they are still paying student loans and having to fund childcare, in addition to all the other normal monthly family expenses. That means money can be tight, month to month. We work to establish a “want-to/have-to” budget structure with the family that includes retirement savings, even if it is just the minimum amount needed to receive the employer match. When you start saving for retirement early, even just a small amount adds up over time. We also help our relationships understand that things will change; some expenses might be reduced or even eliminated over time, freeing up cash flow to be saved. Jobs and income might also change, altering what can be saved. The objective is to start your retirement planning early with even a minimum amount, and work with your financial planner to adjust your savings plan as circumstances change over time.

What do you think Brooks Financial does differently than other advisory firms?

As a privately-owned and independent enterprise, we’re not tied to any particular brand or line of financial products. This permits us to focus on the people and the relationship we’re building. The relationships we build allow us to understand what is really important to people and that’s key to building a sound financial plan. When an advisory firm is tied to a particular brand, they are limited to one line of products and the relationships tend to be transactional.

What can client relationships expect from working with you?

Care, communication, and effort. We can’t really promise anything in this industry, but I can promise you that you will not find a group of people that care more or work harder than our team at Brooks Financial Group.

What are your favorite types of success stories?

I really enjoy working with generations of families. In some cases, we’re now serving the third or fourth generation. It’s enriching to become an important part of their family. We also work closely with local small businesses, even when they’re just an idea. Having the opportunity to work alongside someone and be a part of building their passion and dream into reality is so rewarding.

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