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Get to Know Alec Knight

We spoke with Brooks Financial Advisor, Alec Knight, to find out more about is passion for financial planning and the relationships he serves. Get to know Alec.

What led you to become a financial advisor?

Early on I realized that I wanted to pursue a profession that allowed me to be a part of someone’s journey, playing an important role in helping others achieve what is important to them. As a financial advisor, I have this opportunity on multiple levels. Personally, it is gratifying to be a part of their journey, build relationships and providing the leadership required to achieve their dreams.

What types of client relationships do you like to work with?

I am definitely focused on building lasting relationships and I enjoy working with people who are focused on their future and want to work toward specific life goals. When these like-minded individuals seek out the financial leadership Brooks Financial Group provides, it always proves to be a great partnership.

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is considering hiring a financial advisor?

Find a financial services professional with whom you can build a long-lasting, trust-based relationship. Look for and advisor or financial advisory firm that is independent so they can be better focused on your specific needs, as opposed to someone who must match the same set of products to every client. Choose a financial advisor who genuinely care about what is important to you and then let them provide the leadership required to achieve your dreams.

What do you think the #1 thing people should do to plan for retirement?

Preparing for retirement requires the discipline to balance preparing for the future and living for today, all the while being fulfilled in both.

What is your philosophy on risk?

Risk in unavoidable. It is important that we each understand the level of risk we are willing to bear but also understand the level of risk required in the overall context of your personal financial plan. You must find balance in the strategies that provide for the most optimal outcome.

What would you like people to know about you?

I am focused on building mutual relationships that grow and evolve over time through every stage of life. Over the years it has been truly gratifying to be a part of so many great moments - such as helping newlyweds buy their first house or plan for their children’s education, guiding relationships taking the leap to start their own business or make the big career move, leading others to confidently retire and focus on what brings them enjoyment in life (spending time with family, friends, or traveling to places they have always wanted to go), or making sure their legacy is fulfilled to the next generation or charity. Because of this, I want people to know that being a part of their journey and helping them navigate through these experiences is truly a rewarding. It is a mutually fulfilling experience that I’m blessed to be a part of.

When dealing with business owners, do you think it’s a good idea for one advisory firm to handle both company and personal financial matters?

For many business owners there is not a line dividing their personal and business lives. So many business owners and entrepreneurs put their heart and soul into building something. It is important to work with professionals who understand both personal wealth management and what it takes to grow and maintain a successful business. The two are interdependent in the overall success of your long-term plan.